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Fire Extinguishers - Up To 5 Year Guarantee

3 litre water
6 litre water
9 litre water

2 litre foam
6 litre foam
9 litre foam

1Kg powder
2Kg powder
4Kg powder
6Kg powder
9Kg powder

2Kg CO2
5Kg CO2

Wet Chemical
3 litre wet chemical
6 litre wet chemical

Extinguishers are also available in Stainless Steel and Polished Aluminium. Providing a high class and high visibility product for premier locations.

Fire Extinguisher Stands

We offer a range of single and multi extinguisher stands in both high impact, chemical resistant plastic and stainless steel. All stands are free standing and plastic models come in a variety of colours.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Our range of cabinets come in single and multi cabinet models. Cabinets are manufactured in high impact resistant plastic and can be Wall, Floor, Post and Vehicle mounting. We can provide lockable cabinets if required and an option is available for an integral cabinet alarm.

Fire Extinguisher Covers

We can provide extinguisher covers to protect your fire extinguishers. These covers are made of a high durability plastic-based textile. Different sizes are available with velcro straps for easy fitting.

Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets are increasingly becoming recognised by fire safety professionals as a versatile means of combating a variety of fires, from personnel to waste bins and chip pans etc, in places as diverse as offices, canteens and the factory floor. In fact this simple to use yet extremely effective fire fighting aid can be used in numerous applications and locations.

Safety Signs

We have an extensive catalogue of photoluminescent safety sign available. These include Emergency Exit signs, Fire Extinguisher signs, Prohibition signs (eg No Smoking) and many more. All signs are manufactured to the relevant BS and ISO standards.

Fire/First Aid Kits

Fire and First Aid Kits range from 1 person kits to 10, 20 or 50 person kits. With a range from basic HSE kits to Premium First Aid and Burn kits.